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Certified Billing and Coding Specialist                  Training Fee: $ 1,299

What is a Certified Billing & Coding Specialist?

A Billing and Coding Specialist's job is to accurately process and record information about patients, including but not limited to: treatment records, insurance information, bills and received payments. They are also responsible for coding a patient's diagnosis and requests payments from the insurance company or directly from the patient. Career opportunities tend to be quite abundant for Billing and Coding Specialists throughout the medical field, especially in large hospitals and public health clinics. There is a constant demand for knowledgeable, qualified medical billing and coding specialists.

The medical industry heavily depends on skilled Billing and Coding Specialists to record and register patient information with precision and accuracy, verify insurance policies, and keep track of patient accounts.

This also is a position in which it is possible to work from home. In addition to working from home, the earning potential for the National Billing & Coding Specialist can also be a quite rewarding job feature. Some NBCS professionals earn up to $55k annually. This sum may not be representative of available opportunities in all regions.

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