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Certified Electrocardiograph Technician ( CET)             Fee: $999*

2 DAYS. (Plus 3 weeks online access for optional advance self-study)

What is a Certified Electrocardiograph Technician (CET)?

An Electrocardiograph (EKG or ECG) Technician operates medical equipment that records and measures heart activity. The measurements are then used to help physicians (such as cardiologists) to diagnose and treat heart problems. EKG/ECG Techs examine the patient’s medical history and medication use and then attach electrodes to the chest, arms, and legs of the patient. The electrodes are used to measure trace electrical impulses that are transmitted by the patient’s heart. This process produces a printout, which can then be used by a physician to help determine diagnoses and appropriate treatment. EKG tests are oftentimes done as part of routine examination before surgeries, and in patients who are older and/or have a history of cardiovascular problems. This medical field is ideal for anyone with strong interest in high-tech mechanical equipment.

Where does a CET work?

Hospitals, cardiac rehabilitation centers, clinics, doctor’s offices etc.

How much does a CET earn?

On average of about $32,000+

EKG Technicians salary according to the BLS Occupational Outlook.

What do I get upon program completion and successful completion of the certification exam?

Upon program completion you will receive a program Certificate of Completion. Once you have successfully completed the certification examination you will receive a certificate and a wallet card/license indicating your new professional status as a Certified Electrocardiograph Technician (CET). Your certification will be from a NATIONALLY ACCREDITED certification agency, which means it is accepted in the 50 states and all U.S. territories.

The Following Will Be Covered in all CET Training Courses:

  • Role of the EKG Technician

  • Function of the EKG Department in a variety of

  • settings (hospital, clinic, office, mobile service)

  • Introduction to medical terminology

  • Medical terminology related to electrocardiography

  • Care & safety of patients, medical & legal aspects

  • Anatomy of the heart, conduct ion system, circulation of the heart and blood vessels

  • Electrical conduction system of the heart

  • Cardiac cycle (electric system)

  • EKG strip analysis (P,Q,R,S,T wave form interpretation)

  • Normal sinus rhythm, sinus bradycardis, sinus tachycardia

  • Basic EKG interpretation, sinus rhythm, and

  • Ventricular rhythms, asystole; example rhythm

  • Recognizing artifacts; troubleshooting, tracing problems

  • Practice EKG strips; EKG rhythms

  • Preparing a patient for EKG

  • 12 lead EKGs (interpretation and troubleshooting)

  • 12 lead placement

  • Echocardiography

  • Other roles for the EKG Technician

****Externship/Clinical Opportunities Available****

(2) DAY REFRESHER SEMINAR (Reserved for RN, EMTS, PT, CNA, CCMA, CET, LPN, MLT, DR, LVN, DA, Medical Students, Science Majors as well as other CURRENT Healthcare Professionals). Contact us if you are unsure as to whether or not you qualify.

Training Fee: $999*

*Special pricing applies for those who are currently working as a Electrocardiography Technician or have completed an accredited EKG Technician training program.

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